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45. Sex in Our City Beautiful

September 2, 2018

This week we are doing something a little different and Posh is replacing the fellas with some  gorgeous friends (@MsGina @MiVidaBella, and @Niaja) so they can have some girl talk. The name of this episode is paying homage to one of the greatest television series for women: Sex and the City. They're going to be talking about meeting guys off social media, #TwitterNiggas, the one night stands we purposely forget about, BDE, being a cougar, Sliding in DMs, and much more!




• How has the Orlando dating scene treated you since you relocated?

• How do you handle men walking up to you at the club and trying to take you home? Have you ever left with anyone after the club? Would you leave with anyone after the club?

• One Night Stands:  The one we purposely forget about.. Was it so horrible that we don’t want to remember? Do we feel bad about it and that’s why we mentally block it? Or was the nigga a cornball in real life and we wouldn’t be caught dead claiming that body

• #TwitterNiggas – who are they?! What makes a man a “twitter nigga”? Is it ok for him to be sliding in DMs and shooting his shot amongst the same group of friends?

• Being a cougar: pros and cons

• Tricks: Is it trickin if they got it or does it make you a whore?

• When the Henny’s in the system…. Does alcohol influence what we’re willing to do sexually? Or does it also take a special man to bring that freak out of us?

• Difference between “being in love” and just “ loving someone”

Thank you all for tuning in, we appreciate all the love and support. Special thank you to our guests Niaja, Ms Gina, and MiVidaBella. Don’t forget to follow, like, rate, comment on ALL our social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.  Don’t forget check out for Rx merchandise, episodes, and special upcoming events.

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