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48. Whoreibly Raw

September 25, 2018


Intro to Weezy:
1) We know what NY Weezy is all about, but what was Orlando Weezy about?
2) What was the most WHOREible decision you made in Orlando?
3) What made you leave Orlando for NY?
4) When and what made you decide that the world needed WHOREible Decisions?
5) What is your overall goal with your show and career?

Death By Pleasure:  This is a play on the “what race are they” but instead this will be unfortunate sexual mishaps.  We will be given different sexual mishaps and we must guess the ethnicity of said person or persons.  

Main topic:  When is it enough in the bedroom? Where do you draw the line? Today we will discuss what our personal does are and what it will take for us to call it quits in the bedroom.  

Discuss each of these questions:
1) Golden showers
2) Eating a man’s ass
3) being a male and getting your ass ate
4) introducing toys in the bedroom
5) doing certain sexual positions that make you feel gay
6) Dubai porta potty (being pooped on for money)
7) Physical torture (female alpha)
8) Sexual humiliation
9) Dominatrix
10) What is a guilty pleasure you have but don’t want to admit to for the sake of being labelled by society?
11) race humiliation


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