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53. Hallow Raw

November 4, 2018

It’s Hallow Raw and in the true spirit of Halloween we brought in someone who speaks with the dead. But before we get started as always we’d like to thank all of our supporters that’s been with us through our first year, good, bad, etc.

Shutouts: Lemy, Lex, Novelty, Supporters and our special guest Shari Dworkin-Smith, a real psychic medium

What is a medium? How are mediums different from psychics?

What do you think of the mediums and psychics that are depicted on television?

Are their any shows that you watch that you think do a good job depicting what it’s truly like being a psychic or a medium?

When did you first discover your gifts? What was the first gift that came to you? Was this something you had a hard time disclosing to your parents?

Do you think these abilities are something you can learn?

Do you ever get overwhelmed doing what you do, either mentally, physically or emotionally?

Do you ever see or hear things you don’t want to see or hear?

Do spirits ever attempt toy contact you at inconvenient times?

Can you explain your most popular service?

Do guides and angels speak to you or show you visions?

Are you ever compelled to share what you hear or see with strangers you encounter?

Are there anything common stereotypes or myths that you want to disprove or clarify?

Do you ever have difficult communicating with close friends or family (husband and/or children) because of your gifts? Please explain.

We pick someone from the audience to do a quick oracle reading to showcase Shari's gift?

Have you ever had an abnormal experience during a reading of any type?

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